• Students & Scientists Research Program

    The focus of the Students & Scientists Breast Cancer / Environment Research Program is to research environmental links to breast cancer and breast cancer prevention, while learning to work with sophisticated equipment in a state of the art laboratory.

  • Lend a Helping Hand

    The Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition offers a “Lend A Helping Hand” program for women and men who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer in order to alleviate some of the stresses and demands associated with post breast cancer surgery and subsequent treatment.

  • Lectures & Speaking Engagements

    We offer lectures and speaking engagements on many breast health issues such as risk reduction, and how to avoid toxic environmental exposures.

  • Risk Reduction

    ” I’m a believer in the precautionary principle. It doesn’t say that you act when you have no information, but you act in the presence of concerning information even if you don’t have certainty.  Science is rarely 100 percent certain. So if you follow the precautionary principle, you look at all the evidence and you say maybe we don’t know everything,  but there’s enough to suggest that we might want to be cautious.”
    Linda Birnbaum, Director of NIEHS, in an interview with Consumer’s Union

    • Risk Reduction: Quick Precautionary Tips (Read Tips)
    • Websites That Address Breast Cancer & The Environment (View Sites)
  • Resources and Newsletter

    Our quarterly newsletter contains the latest information regarding breast cancer treatment, early detection, risk reduction, and the environmental exposures which may put us at risk. The newsletter also informs our readers of national and statewide legislation currently assisting women with breast cancer, and legislation that addresses risk reduction. We also inform our membership of local, regional and statewide resources and events pertaining to breast cancer. Read about our accomplishments and upcoming events in the most current newsletter– Annual Newsletter 2018 (PDF)