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Jeong Yun (John) Yang of Great Neck South High School was sponsored by GNBCC at Stony Brook University through GNBCC's Students & Scientists program. John began his internship in July 2011 and will continue in the GNBCC program through Summer 2012 working on the the toxicity of nanoparticles and their effect on breast cancer. John was honored by the GNBCC board for the research which won him the Intel recognition.




(left to right):  Mrs. Yang, John Yang, Laura Weinberg, president of GNBCC 




LI students honored for cancer research

Newsday Features Students and Scientists United for Breast Cancer Prevention Research Program, Jan. 5, 2012



Breast Cancer and Parabens?
By Heidi Park for Wellesley College Blog

Earlier this month, researchers at the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Center at the University Hospital of South Manchester, England, released the results of a three-year study that measured the concentrations of five parabens at four different locations across the human breast using human breast tissue collected from 40 women undergoing mastectomies for primary breast cancer (J App Toxicol.Jan. 12, 2012). This most recent study found one or more paraben esters in 158/160 (99 percent) of the tissue samples, and in 96/160 (60 percent) all five esters were present.



Alumni Student from GNBCC Students & Scientists Program Organizes Presentation on Endocrine Disruptors at Wellesley College on February 23, 2010

Heidi Park, 2007 alumni student of the GNBCC internship program and of Great Neck South High School, now a sophomore at Wellesley College, initiated and helped organize an educational presentation through the Wellesley College Biology Department called: "Our Stolen Future: Endocrine Disruptors, What They Mean for Us and What You can Do".

Maricel Maffini, Ph.D spoke about endocrine disrupters, including Bisphenol A, and their association with several adverse health effects including breast and prostate cancer. Laura Weinberg also presented by identifying several endocrine disrupting chemicals and gave examples of how to avoid them.

Thank you T. Kaye Peterman, Ph.D, Chair of the Biological Sciences Department and the entire Biology Department at Wellesley College for coordinating this presentation.

Left to Right: Laura Weinberg, president of GNBCC, Heidi Park, Alumni Student from GNBCC Student program, now a sophomore at Wellesley College.

Left to Right: Laura Weinberg, president of GNBCC, Heidi Park, sophomore of Wellesley College, Maricel Maffini, Ph.D. of Soto Laboratory at Tufts University School of Medicine