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Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy announced this afternoon that he has signed the first in the nation ban on the sale of baby bottles and cups containing Bisphenol-A. BPA is a chemical used to make plastic materials clear and shatter-resistant..

Suffolk County Legislator Steve Stern who sponsored The Toxin Free Toddlers and Babies Act worked very closely with Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition, Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition, Childcare Council of Suffolk County, Learning Disabilities Association of N.Y., NYPIRG, Long Island Teen Environmental Activists (LITEA), Clean New York, Consumers Union, Nursing Health Professionals of Nassau and Suffolk, and many breast cancer organization partners. Stern noted “Suffolk County has always taken the lead in protecting public health.” “We must follow the precautionary principle and be pro-active, especially when the health of our most vulnerable citizens, our babies and young children, is at risk and safe alternatives are available. I thank County Executive Steve Levy for signing this important measure, which will reduce unnecessary exposure to a substance linked with multiple health risks. I am particularly pleased to support Senator Schumer’s efforts in addressing this important issue to ensure the health and safety of our most vulnerable nationwide.”

Suffolk County well known for spearheading landmark legislation that protects the health and safety of our community, has been guided by strong leadership, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy continues to focus on prevention as a priority issue. “In this day and age of prevention, we owe it to our youngsters to minimize their exposure to potentially harmful products, especially when there are safe, toxin-free alternatives readily available,” said Levy. “Of all the things a parent must worry about, whether or not their child is being harmed by a baby bottle should not be one of them.”

For many years, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer has maintained a steady and strong partnership with the breast cancer community. Most recently Senator Schumer introduced a federal ban on BPA, he joined with the advocates once again to show support for this groundbreaking precautionary effort.

Levy and Stern are pictured with U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, who earlier this week announced he is filing a federal ban on the product, and are flanked by health advocates and environmental officials (l-r): Helene Aronson, Suffolk County Child Care Council; Pat LaCata West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition; MaryJoan Shea, Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition; Laura Weinberg, Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition, William Zhou, Paul D. Schreiber H.S. & Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition; Karen Joy Miller, Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition; Stephen Boese, Learning Disabilities Association - New York; Donna Jurasits, Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition; Dr. Humayun Chaudhry, Suffolk Health Commissioner; and Carrie Meek Gallagher, Suffolk Commissioner of Environment and Energy.