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Victory in Suffolk County

Thank you to Dr. Maricel Maffini of the Soto/Sonnenschein Laboratory for her powerful testimony yesterday which helped moved this mountain!

Thank you to all of the amazing testimonies and participation from all of the students including Regina Roofeh, Tehreem Rehman, William Zhou and Zachary Rotter.

Suffolk first in nation to ban toxic baby bottles
News12 March 3, 2009

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SMITHTOWN - Suffolk County lawmakers made an unprecedented move Tuesday to get toxic and potentially harmful baby bottles off the shelves.

Legislators voted unanimously to ban the sale of baby bottles and sippy cups that contain the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA, they say, is toxic and commonly found in the products.

The ban is the first of its type in the nation.

“This would ensure that the products we stock on our shelves here in Suffolk County will be BPA-free,” said Leg. Steven Stern (D-Huntington).

Some health advocates and officials believe exposure to BPA could cause early puberty, diabetes and cancer later in life. Major stores like Wal-Mart and Babies“R”Us have voluntarily stopped selling products containing the chemical.

Concerned parents can look on the bottom of baby bottles for a recycle triangle symbol with the number seven. That marking is a tell-tale sign BPA is present, officials say.

“This bill means protecting lives, saving lives” added Laura Weinberg, of the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition.

The ban takes effect in 90 days.