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The Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition offers a “Lend A Helping Hand” program for women and men who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer in order to alleviate some of the stresses and demands associated with post breast cancer surgery and subsequent treatment.

The usual chores of daily living such as house cleaning, food preparation, child care and transportation may seem more difficult after being newly diagnosed, surgery and treatment. LAHH relieves some of these stresses of everyday life by providing funding for these services.

How can I qualify for this program?

Our coalition needs to receive in writing from your doctor(s) information that you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and will be having (or have just had) surgery, chemotherapy and / or radiation treatment. We also need to know in writing from your doctor the expected duration of your treatment.

* House Cleaning
* Home Care
* Transportation to/from Medical Appointments
* Child Care
* Post -Mastectomy Accessory Items (bras and wigs)
* Food shopping and/or food catering to the home
* Utility bills
Please note that for all of the above services the participant of our LAHH chooses the individuals, vendors or companies, and then provides Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition with receipts of these services.

Lend a Helping Hand