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Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition


 April 2008, Nassau County Legislators unanimously passed a Green Procurement Policy. This comprehensive green effort has taken place across the Long Island region, with Suffolk County passing into law a Safe and Sustainable Purchasing bill last year. These powerful initiatives will ultimately protect public health and our environment. By adopting this bill into law the County of Nassau is setting a higher standard of safety for their employees while setting an example for other municipalities, residents and businesses to follow.

Research over the past two decades has revealed each day we are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals in products and places we wouldn't suspect. Certain cleaning supplies, food service packaging, building construction products, office equipment, polystyrene foam, park and recreational products, landscaping products and vehicle maintenance products to name a few. These commodities will be reviewed by an appointed County Advisory Committee which will research safer alternatives for all of these categories.

"The residents of Nassau County have confirmed, over and over again, their devotion to the protection of the environment, said Legislator Judy Jacobs. Their support has been unwavering as to land preservation, water conservation, and green procurement. Therefore, it is with great pride to be part of this bill which helps us to protect the future for our children and grandchildren. It reminds me of a Helen Keller quote, 'We must never be content to creep, when we feel the impulse to soar'. This bill certainly proves that this County Legislature is proud to soar when it is related to the environment."

"I'm proud to be a sponsor of the legislation establishing a Green Procurement Policy for Nassau County, said Legislator Judy Bosworth. I truly believe that the local government has a responsibility to do all it can to protect and preserve our environment. I hope that in implementing a green procurement policy Nassau County can set an example for other municipalities and our residents by showing them ways in which we all can replace our current supplies with environmentally friendly materials."

"A cleaner environment cuts down on pollution and health hazards, said Legislator Norma Gonsalves. I supported this bill since it provides for the health and safety of our residents. We are committed to do everything we can to make our environment healthier."

"By passing this law, Nassau County is not just leading by example, but we may introduce our contractors to new green products that they will take to using more regularly. That opens the door for this legislation to have add-on effects beyond the changes it will require in County buildings and County projects.", said Legislator Wayne Wink.

"I am proud that we have passed this bill, since it demonstrates that we are truly concerned about the world that we are leaving to our children and generations to come".-Legislator Denise Ford.

"This law will benefit current and future residents of Nassau County and I look forward to working with the members of the green procurement committee. It is a sound initiative that preserves and protect the environment for future generations," Legislator Denenberg, chair of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee said.

"Nassau County has taken a giant step towards protecting public health, especially for the health of future generations, with the passage of a green procurement bill. The County is also setting a pro-active example for residents and businesses by purchasing safer commodities, technologies and services," said Laura Weinberg, President of Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition."

"With passage of the Nassau's County Green Procurement Legislation as well as the County of Suffolk passing into law a Safe and Sustainable bill last year, our elected officials have displayed a regional commitment to building a healthy environment for all through preferred purchasing." Karen Miller, Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition.

"There are numerous alternative products available such as low VOC paints, green cleaners, efficient vehicles, Energy Star equipment, recycled paper, and natural lawn care products. Nassau County is leading the way in demonstrating that these solutions are better for public health and the environment, and can be used in a fiscally responsible manner," said Beth Fiteni, Program Director of the Neighborhood Network.

Aside from the health and environmental benefits this regional effort to purchase safe and sustainable products will boost the marketplace encouraging manufacturers to develop safer products at a lower cost.

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